Media Strategy & Placement

Where? When? How? The way your customers interact with media is changing every day. Your media placement strategy should be changing with it, but today’s confusing environment can leave you scratching your head. Mooney Marketing Group can help.

We’re constantly evaluating and re-evaluating how to effectively reach your customers. Working with multiple media channels–-television, radio, print, online, social, outdoor, direct mail and mobile providers-–which deliver an array of effective engagement platforms and tools, MMG is able to leverage these channels to connect with your customers in the places that matter most.

As guardians of your brand, we work to identify the most effective ways to achieve the results you need within your desired budget. Let MMG provide the research, experience and recommendations that will best serve your business plan, marketing goals, and produce results.

The media buy is easily the biggest part of your marketing budget and the most critical. Once you’ve identified your message and created your ad, how can you effectively reach your target customer? It’s different with every ad campaign and product.

How does MMG do it? We know your brand, who you’re targeting, and we know the market. We read rating reports and analyze an array of outlets for the most impactful media mix.

Mooney Marketing Group has the media buying power to save you money and put your advertising dollars to work efficiently. With over 25 years of combined buying experience, volume buying power, and a wide network of contacts, MMG gets better rates, better value, and we’re able to get more for our clients’ dollar than they are able to get on their own.

Traditional media offers the biggest audience, but digital offers strategic targeting for niche markets and hard-to-reach customers. We often recommend our customers leverage the benefits of both.

With MMG, you get a better strategy, better value, and maximum ROI.

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